Best Water Pitchers

Gone are the days when water pitcher makers were merely focused on the primary function of storing water. Sometimes they were elaborately designed and used for special occasions. For several centuries, pitchers have come in a variety of materials like clay, hard-paste porcelain, silver, and gold.

Today, those types are hardly practical for everyday living. Tap water is not as clean as people think. In fact, researchers from the University of Illinois found that the bacteria in tap water grows within the plumbing system. That’s on top of all the other contaminants in tap water today. Thankfully, now water pitchers come with filters.

Don’t worry; we’re not talking about complicated and expensive filtration systems here. The filter fits in the pitcher and usually takes a few minutes to set up. With a good water filter pitcher, you don’t have to worry about you or your loved ones getting sick. Let’s look at 10 of the best water filter pitchers on the market.

The Winner, Second Best, Editor's Choice
Flow Rate: 15 GDM
Filtration Stages: 4
For 3-6 bathrooms
10 year limited warranty
Model: EQ-1000-AST-UV-AMZN
Flow Rate: 7 GDM
Filtration Stages: 5
For 4-6 bathrooms
10 year warranty
Model: PC1000
Flow Rate: 15 GDM
Filtration Stages: 4
For 4-6 bathrooms
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Best Water Pitchers - Full Comparison Table
15 GPM4
Brita Extra Large Filtered Water Dispenser
Check Price
7 GPM5
Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher
Check Price
15 GPM4
AquaBliss 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher
Check Price
24 GPM3
LEVOIT Water Filter Pitcher LV110WP
Check Price
15 GPM5
Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
Check Price
15 GPM3
Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher
Check Price
10 GPM4
ZeroWater ZP-010
Check Price
12 GPM3
Waterdrop WD-Extream  Water Filter Pitcher
Check Price
7 GPM3
PUR DS1811Z Ultimate Water Dispenser
Check Price
12 GPM2
Brita Pitchers 36205 Everyday  Pitcher
Check Price

Flow Rate
Filtered Water Quality
Ease of Maintenance

  • Large capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reduces plastic waste (Replaces 300, 16 oz plastic bottles)


This BPA free top-rated product is not your typical pitcher. Compared to the EHM Ultra-Premium Alkaline pitcher that is a jug, this one is a square-shape dispenser. Its large capacity of 1.13 gallons/ 18 cups of water is perfect for families and offices. Although it’s bigger than a regular pitcher, it features a modern and slim design so it won’t take up much space. It can fit well on refrigerator shelves and countertops.

When you’re looking to quench your thirst, the last thing you want to experience is the odor and taste of chlorine. Brita standard filters remove this odor and taste, leaving you with refreshing, great-tasting water. Over time, impurities like mercury, copper, zinc, chlorine, and cadmium can have a detrimental effect on your health. The Brita standard filter – which contains activated carbon – reduces these impurities for cleaner, healthier water.

By only looking at the sticker indicator on your dispenser, you will know when your water filter is due for a replacement. Replace your Brita filters every two months or every 14 gallons of water. The spigot on the dispenser makes it easy to pour the water, and the flip-top lid makes refilling an effortless task. Discard the first filtered water, or use it on plants as it likely contains carbon dust.

Flow Rate
Filtered Water Quality
Ease of Maintenance

  • Affordable option
  • Several health benefits
  • Good pH range


You’ve heard of the health benefits of alkalized water by now. This pitcher will give you what the Brita Extra Large dispenser cannot – alkalized water. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on alkalizing machines. The EHM alkaline water pitcher was designed with your health in mind. It features a 6-stage filter cartridge that removes chlorine and heavy metals like chromium, lead, cadmium, and arsenic. It also adds healthy minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium plus antioxidants.

Within a few minutes, the filter removes over 90% of toxic substances. It reduces the concentration of mercury, nitrogen dioxide, and manganese while hindering the growth of microorganisms. This pitcher uses a technology called micro-clustering, which reduces the water molecule size. This process produces alkaline water that is easily absorbable and provides sufficient hydration to your body. The filtered water pH is between 8 and 10.

The difference between ionized water from this pitcher and ordinary tap/bottled water is quite evident in the smell and taste. The reduced water pH makes it the perfect choice for fitness junkies, athletic people, and people recovering from injuries. It filters 3.5 liters at a go and can be replaced every two months for someone who drinks 3 liters a day.

Flow Rate
Filtered Water Quality
Ease of Maintenance

  • Filters within minutes
  • Filter lasts 4 months
  • Removes metallic dirt


While the EHM Ultra-Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher filter needs replacement after 2 months, the AquaBliss 10-Cup water filter pitcher features an XL filter that lasts a whole 4 months. Isn’t that great value for money? Forget about ‘clean-looking’ water. Imagine drinking fresh-tasting, crisp, pure water without a repulsive odor and impurities. This pitcher removes harmful contaminants and metallic dirt.

Dangerous properties like mercury, zinc, copper, cadmium, sediment, and other harmful properties will be a thing of the past. The makers of this product have designed it to be environmentally friendly. Also, they thoroughly and continually monitor their performance in terms of quality, safety, and longevity. Each pitcher is BPA free and comes with a one-year warranty and a full money-back guarantee.

The product is easy to assemble, clean, and use. All you have to do is fill it with water and wait for its rapid filtering process to work. You’ll have pure water within a matter of minutes. It has a digital countdown timer on top so that you know how many days you’re left with to replace the filter. It has a sturdy build and sleek design. Don’t worry about it slipping off your countertop. Its non-slip grip at the bottom keeps it stable.

Flow Rate
Filtered Water Quality
Ease of Maintenance

  • Electronic indicator for filter life
  • Water inlet for easy filling
  • Sturdy build


This high-performance product will provide your family with clean, great-tasting water. Its 5-layer filtration system removes odors, chlorine, pesticides, suspended particles, and metals like copper, lead, mercury, aluminum, and cadmium.Its capacity is 10 cups of water won’t take up much room in your fridge. It has an easy-access top lid design that gives you the convenience of filling it without opening or removing the lid.

You can adjust the filtration speed to your preference. Quicken it if you’re in a hurry, but if you prefer a more thorough job, slow it down. This product is made of food-grade BPA-free plastic, and its water filter satisfies all food safety obligations. A single LEVOIT water pitcher can replace 320 plastic water bottles of 16.9 oz. each. Therefore, it reduces environmental toxic plastic waste while saving you money.

You should replace the filters after two months of using it daily or after 14 gallons of water. You won’t have to wonder when your filter needs replacement. The electronic indicator shows you the remaining filter lifespan and alerts you on the due date. Compared to the AquaBliss 10-cup water filter pitcher which comes with a 1-year warranty, this one comes with an extended warranty of one additional year. However, for the warranty to be valid, you need to register it online within 14 days after purchase. It also carries a 90-day money-back guarantee and customer support for life.

Flow Rate
Filtered Water Quality
Ease of Maintenance

  • Filter made from food grade materials
  • Two filters work faster and filter more water
  • Efficient – remove 99.9% of water contaminants


This American-made 8-cup capacity pitcher is the solution to your concerns about drinking unsafe water. Tested in 51 different laboratories both in the US and internationally for 20 years, you should be assured of this product’s quality. This pitcher has not only one but two filters that work quickly and effectively. They remove up 99.9% of lead, arsenic, benzene, chromium 6, chloroform, asbestos, mercury, and many other toxic substances.

Each filter has a capacity of 100 gallons, giving the pitcher a total capacity of 200 gallons. Compared to the LEVOIT water filter, which needs replacement after only 60 days, the Seychelle pH2O filters will last 90 days. You can replace them every 3 months. However, when you use the pitcher regularly, it can give you up to 6 months of high-quality filtered alkaline water. The time frame will vary based on the quality of water you’re filtering.

This product enhances the water pH by up to 9.5. It reduces the micro water clusters, making it easy for your body to absorb the water and hydrate in a short time. As a result, your body will flush out toxins quickly. Other health benefits you will enjoy from this mineralized water include slow aging, smooth skin, increased energy levels, and overall health improvement.

Flow Rate
Filtered Water Quality
Ease of Maintenance

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fluoride filter
  • Long filter life


The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is manufactured in the USA with BPA-free plastic. It is NSF certified and made with 100% FDA approved materials. The filters feature a five-stage filter with a lead/fluoride filter and 2-micron pores, which effectively remove contaminants like lead, mercury, chlorine, chromium, fluoride, and many more. At the same time, they maintain healthy minerals like magnesium and calcium which enhance the water quality and taste.

Its triple capacity filters provide you with a total of 150 gallons each, which will last you about 3 months depending on your water intake. The pitcher’s capacity is 8 cups/0.5 gallons. You may need one or two refills per day. The filtering speed is high when the filter is new. After about a month, it slows down to between 2 and 3 hours for a full pitcher.

Protect the environment with this pitcher made with 100% recyclable materials. When your filter needs replacement, get in touch with the manufacturer. They will send you a return shipping label, which you will use to return the filter for recycling. Unlike the Seychelle ph2O Water Filter Pitcher, the Aquagear comes with a lifetime warranty. If anything on your product breaks by accident or out of carelessness, they will replace it.

Flow Rate
Filtered Water Quality
Ease of Maintenance

  • The handy dispenser at the bottom
  • Good quality filter
  • Removes chromium and lead


This is not your ordinary water filter. It uses a 5-stage filtration system to give you cleaner, tastier water. The amazing thing about this unique filtration system is that you can use it to filter your water anywhere. Whether you’re using their tumblers, pitchers, or dispensers, you’ll enjoy solid-free, pure, clean water.

It uses a sophisticated ion exchange technology to reduce toxic substances like herbicides, chlorine, pesticides, mercury, and chloramine. You’ve seen tap water appear cloudy. In most cases, that’s dust and rust. This filtration system removes that too. Unlike other pour-through filters like the Aquagear Water Filter, Zero Water filters are the only ones NSF certified to reduce chromium and lead. Zero water removes an unmatched 99.6% of dissolved solids.

Conveniently, the pitcher has a dispenser at the bottom so you can pour yourself a glass of water right from the fridge. It is a BPA-free 10-cup capacity pitcher and comes with a free water quality meter so you can test your water any time for dissolved solids. Depending on the water quality from your source and consumption rate, the filter can last from a couple of weeks to 6 months. Smelly water will let you know that you need a new filter.

Flow Rate
Filtered Water Quality
Ease of Maintenance

  • High flow rate (0.5 GPM)
  • Superior adsorption capability
  • Digital indicator


The Waterdrop is a combination of contemporary design and unique filtration technology. It features a pre-sediment layer that filters out dirt, suspended solids, silt, and rust. It also has a Japanese Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) layer, which removes the smell and taste of chlorine. It is 10 times more effective than any carbon filter in terms of adsorption. An Ion Exchange Resin removes lime scale, heavy metals, and water hardness.

The ion exchange technology and ACF combine forces to prevent 99% bacterial growth for clean, fresh water supply. The cartridge is designed to instantly filter for you fresh water with a high flow rate of 0.5GPM. The water flows directly without any remaining in the reservoir. Therefore, this prevents bacterial growth.

Thanks to Waterdrop’s filter pitcher slim build, it can fit properly in your fridge. Its sturdy, shatterproof body keeps it from damage. The spout cover keeps the bugs and odors out of the water. While the Zero Water 10-cup pitcher jug and handle are made from BPA-free plastic, the Waterdrop Extream features a modern wooden handle, giving you a comfortable grip. It’s ideal for your family as it holds 10 cups/85oz. of water. Its filter lasts about three months or 200 gallons. The electronic indicator is your helpful assistant, reminding you when to replace your filter.

Flow Rate
Filtered Water Quality
Ease of Maintenance

  • Large capacity
  • Affordable
  • Removes chlorine and 22 other contaminants


If you’re looking for a fairly priced water filtration dispenser for your home, this is it. For more than 30 years, PUR has served families with reliable water filter systems. Thanks to its lead reducing filter (WQA certified), the water quality is unquestionable. It reduces 99% lead and 22 other contaminants. Additionally, it removes chlorine to enhance the water taste and eliminate the smell.

The dispenser is made from BPA-free, non-toxic material. Its large 18-cup capacity is ideal for a household or even a small office. After 2 months or 40 gallons, your filter will be due for replacement. The Clean Sensor monitor will let you know. Unlike the Waterdrop Extream Long-lasting pitcher, which has a countdown timer, this one works almost like traffic lights. Green light means ‘safe to drink,’ yellow light means ‘prepare to replace,’ and the red light means ‘do not consume.’

A brand-new filter takes about 30 minutes to filter water for this large capacity dispenser. However, over time, it slowly loses its effectiveness. The PUR has a slim space-saving design. It will fit on your shelf or in your fridge comfortably. You can conveniently refill the dispenser, thanks to the thumb activated lid. A spout cover keeps the water safe from dirt and bad odors.

Flow Rate
Filtered Water Quality
Ease of Maintenance

  • Lightweight
  • Remove 99% of chlorine
  • Sturdy and durable


Brita is an established brand on the market with a variety of pitchers and dispensers. This Everyday 10-cup pitcher is an essential filter jug suitable for your home. Whereas the PUR Ultimate Water Dispenser reduces 99% lead and 22 other components, this Brita 36205 Everyday pitcher cannot remove heavy metals like benzene, asbestos, lead, or even microorganisms. However, it can remove 99% of chlorine, which will reduce repulsive orders, giving you better tasting and refreshing water.

For the best performance, you must replace the filters every 2 months. In some cases, filters may clog sooner than that, depending on the water source. When this product is new, it filters tap water within 5 to 10 minutes. After using it for a while, you’ll experience longer filtration times. Its oval design allows it to sit well in your refrigerator.

This light weight (2.29 lbs.) jug is made from BPA-free material and has a thumb-controlled top which flips easily. A status indicator will remind you when to change your filter. Save money and reduce plastic waste with this Brita pitcher. A single Brita Everyday pitcher can replace 300 plastic water bottles of 16 oz. each.

How To Choose The Best Water Pitcher – Buying Guide

The options for water pitchers on the market are endless. Choosing the right one for you can be an overwhelming task. Choosing the wrong one will lead you on a frustrating path of buying a different one every couple of months.

Considering the affordability of most water pitchers, it might not seem like a lot of money at first until you add up all your wasted purchases. You want to invest in a product that will meet your needs and serve you efficiently over a long-term period.

What is a Water Pitcher?

A water pitcher is a container or jug with a spout and a handle used for storing liquids, especially water. Most water pitchers come with filters that reduce and remove dangerous contaminants found in tap water.

When you pour water into your pitcher, the filter traps the contaminants and gives you clean, filtered water. If you’re not using a water filter pitcher, you are putting yourself and your family at risk. You’re also destroying the environment with plastic water bottles.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Water Pitcher

Contaminants in Your Water

Before you decide on a specific water pitcher, first find out what contaminants are in your tap water. You can test your water with a test kit from your local store or online. Most kits test for lead, bacteria, chlorine, nitrates, pesticides, pH, and hardness. However, they don’t test for all contaminants. You may have to contract the services of an independent lab for thorough tests and accurate results.

The results from the tests will guide you to make an informed decision on which filter pitcher to buy. Some pitchers are capable of eliminating microorganisms and removing 99% of hard metals like lead and mercury. Other filter pitchers only remove chlorine to improve the taste and smell of the water. When you know what problem you’re solving, you’ll buy the right solution (a pitcher) for it.

Who Will Use the Pitcher?

If you have young children or older adults at home, it’s not a good idea to buy a heavy water pitcher. Imagine how much heavier it will get when you fill it with water. It will be difficult for them to hold and could easily slip from their hands. A lightweight jug with a sturdy handle will be easy for them to carry around or in and out of the fridge.

Health-conscious, athletic and fitness people would benefit from the alkaline water filter pitchers. Active people should be well hydrated at all times. Their filtration technology makes the water easily absorbable for the body and provides instant hydration.

Product Design

Product design is great for aesthetics. For example, some pitchers come with curves, oval shapes, some color, patterns, and drawings that may appeal to you. However, the design also plays a crucial role inefficiency.Some jugs are cleverly designed to fit comfortably in your fridge even though they hold a large capacity of water.

They may also have some extra elements like a non-slip rubber part at the bottom to keep it stable in your fridge and on the countertop. A rubber handle gives you a firm,comfortable grip on the jug. Also, some pitchers have a lid on the spout that keeps the water clean and smelling fresh.


Usually, the more a product costs, the better value for money you will get. Water pitchers that cost more than otherstypically come with superior benefits. Sometimes, you might not require all the benefits. But if your water has high lead levels, you can’t just buy a jug that reduces chlorine only. This is your family’s health at stake.In any case, you can’t compare the prices of water filter pitchers to the exorbitant costs of filtration systems.

Size of Your Family

Depending on the size and water consumption rate of your family, you should buy an appropriate size water pitcher. A large family would do well with an 18-cup filtering dispenser. A 10-cup pitcher is a good size for a small family.

If you buy a small size jug, you’ll face the inconvenience of refilling it several times a day. That hassle is not worth it. If you live alone, there’s no point in buying a more expensive, big size pitcher unless you drink that much water.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Some pitchers come with a one-year, two-year, and five-year warranty, while others come with a lifetime warranty. The lifetime warranty will ensure that you get replacements for any damaged part of your product no matter how it happened.

Products that have a long-term warranty are usually top-quality products. Look out for them. If they are the right fit for you and your family, go for it. Whichever product you decide to buy, ensure that it’s protected with a warranty.

Ease of Use

Imagine being excited about your new water filter delivery. However, when you unbox it, it takes you hours to figure out how to use it. Frustrating, right? Choose a pitcher that’s not only efficient but easy to set up and use by most members of your household,without overly complicated instructions.

Features to Look for in Water Filter Pitchers

Volume Capacity

You need a water filter pitcher that will hold enough water for your household. You don’t want the hassle of refilling a small size pitcher several times a day. On the other hand, if you live alone, there’s no need to purchase the 18-cup dispenser. Whether you settle for a jug or dispenser, choose the volume capacity that is right for you.

Number of Filters

Some water pitchers have two cartridge filters working at the same time. Therefore, this means that they can efficiently provide you with a large amount of quality filtered water in a short time. Beware of using these types with water that’s not tap water. It will easily clog and lose its efficiency. You will also have to keep replacing the filters after a short time.

Filtration Speed

You want an efficient pitcher that will serve you fresh, clean water in the shortesttime possible. Many pitchers start out with high filtration speed, making buyers excited. Then over time,lose their efficiency. Do your research and find out which pitchers are efficient for the long term. Read about the different products online, especially customer reviews. They have a wealth of helpful information from users.


Good quality products may cost a little bit more than the rest, but they save you money in the long run. Imagine buying a ‘cheap’ product over and over again as opposed to purchasing a more expensive high-quality product which you’ll keep for years. The ‘cheap’ buyer spends so much more.

Durable pitchers have a sturdy build and are made with top quality materials designed to last many years. Not all ‘affordable’ pitchers are poor quality, but if longevity appeals to you, invest a little more. Look for a reputable company known for producing quality.

Ability to Remove Contaminants

Manufacturers make all these products intending to provide you with safe, clean water. However, not all water filter pitchers are created equal. Some filters can remove 99% of up to 22 water contaminants, while others only remove chlorine and other obvious impurities.


Plastic is terrible because it contains the dangerous chemical bisphenol A(BPA). Look out for pitchers that are BPA-free or manufactured with food-grade material. If you’re going to drink clean, filtered water, at least let it be from a safe container.

Filter Change Reminder

This feature is vital because let’s face it, life gets busy, and you can’t remember everything (even though you wrote it down). A handy indicator that alerts you when there’s a contaminant overload in your filter gives you one less thing to worry about.

Improved Water Quality

Water loses some minerals during the filtration process. Some filters contain minerals which they release into the water. This improves water quality and makes it more nutritious for your body.

How Do Water Filter Pitchers Work?

Water filters trap contaminants in water. You can use a cartridge filter or an activated carbon filter. When water flows into the pitcher, it will first go through the filter, which traps the contaminants. The filtered water will continue flowing slowly into the jug. When you’re pouring yourself a glass of water, a bypass system prevents the water from passing through the filter again.

  1. Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are known for being highly effective at removing sediment, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chlorine, and bad odor from water. The filter is made from coal, coconut shells, wood, petroleum pitch or lignite.Activated carbon is made using physical activation through carbonization or chemical activation.

An activated carbon filter works through a process called adsorption. Absorption takes place when the molecules from a liquid, gas, or dissolved solids bind themselves to a surface.Activated charcoal is a very porous substance. Therefore, it provides sufficient space for ions of contaminants to enter and get trapped while the water is flowing through the filter. The result of this process is healthy, clean water.

After going through this process several times, the carbon will be filled with ions and various particles. It won’t be able to trap new ions, and the filter will become inefficient. This is the reason you should replace your filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

2.      Cartridge Water Filters

A cartridge filter is more sophisticated. It uses an active carbon filter in combination with other advanced technologies to produce clean, great-tasting water. These advanced elements include:

Ion Exchange Resins

These are small micro-beads filled with sodium particles. When calcium and magnesium particles meet a resin bead, they bind themselves to its surface. The calcium and magnesium ions are trapped in the beads, and the sodium gets into the water. The sodium quantity is so small you wouldn’t notice it.


This is a mineral that can convey a small electric current. In your water filter, it transforms water to mild alkaline and reduces water clustering. It generates far infrared (FIR),which acts as a supercharger and assists the water filter to ionize and alkalize.

Mineral Balls

During filtration, some useful minerals are filtered out making the water less nutritious. The mineral balls add new minerals after filtration. However, this makes the water more nutritious and healthier for your household.

When and How to Change Your Water Filter Pitcher

Your product comes with clear instructions from the manufacturer on when to replace your water filter. This replacement period is not the same for everywater filter pitcher. Depending on where you live, the contamination of your water source varies. If your water source is excessively contaminated, you will need to replace your filters more frequently.

Replacing your water filter will take a maximum of 10 minutes almost every 2 to 3 months. Here is a quick guide on how to replace your water filter pitcher:

  1. Fill a large bowl or container with cold water
  2. Immerse your new filter entirely into the water. Leave it to soak for 10 – 15 minutes.
  3. Remove the filter and drain it
  4. Put the new filter in the pitcher
  5. Fill the pitcher thrice, throwing away the water each time
  6. Start using your new pitcher

Health Reasons to Have a Water Filter Pitcher

1.      Chlorine-Free Water

Chlorine makes the water smell and taste bad, but it can also make you sick. If you drink a lot of tap water, imagine how much chlorine you’re consuming.

2.      Removes Arsenic

Arsenic has been linked to the development of different types of cancer. Filtered water reduces this risk.

3.      Reduces Aluminum

If your water source is contaminated, you may be consuming the metal aluminum. It has been linked to liver disease, learning disabilities in children, Alzheimer’s, skin problems, and hyperactivity. Filtered water reduces the risk of these health issues.

4.      Boosts Overall Health

The alkaline water filter pitchers use a technology that reduces water molecules and enhances hydration quickly, thus,promoting your overall health. The mineralizing technique adds minerals to the water, making it healthy and nutritious for your body.

How often should I change the filters?

Usually, you should change your filter every 2 – 3 months. However, the level of contamination of your water source will determine when you need to replace them. If your water source is highly contaminated, you will need a new filter sooner. Some filters can even go up to 5 months.

How do I know when it’s time to change the filters?

Some filters come with an indicator or sensor which shows you when your filter is due for replacement. The digital countdown timer lets you know how many days you’re left with till replacement day. The color indicator will turn yellow from green to let you know it’s almost time. When it turns red, you must change it immediately. Drinking water after this point is harmful to your health.

Some products do not have an indicator or sensor. Simply write down the date and month on which you started using the filter. Make sure it’s visible, like on a wall, so that you remember. Further to this, if you notice that the flow rate is much slower than usual, that should tell you that the filter is clogged and needs to go. The water taste will change or even start to smell bad.


Drinking clean, healthy water has never been easier. Thanks to water filter pitchers, you can drink clean water in the comfort of your home or your office. You can enjoy your favorite beverages like coffee, tea or lemonade with smooth tasting filtered water. It also costs so much less than a fully-fledged water filtration system. We strongly recommend the Seychelle pH2O Water Filter Pitcher for its powerfully-efficient double-cartridge filtration ability. The Waterdrop Extream Long-lasting Water Filter Pitcher’s high flow rate of 0.5 GPM gives you clean water in minutes, and it’s five times more durable than other pitchers, saving you money.